Hi guys, welcome to Imperial! I’m Runtian, a second-year biology student. I’m so excited to spend this academic year with you at Tizard Hall!

While you may find me busy studying in the library, I spend a great deal of time each week writing poetries in Hyde Park, swimming in the gym, and popping around small London towns. If you are interested in the Student Union, I’m also the VPE of Royal College of Science Union and represent the academic side of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. You may also find my articles in Felix Newspaper or Imperial Bioscience Review.

Like many of you, I’m an international student, and I know how nervous and exciting the first few months at Imperial could be. Reach out to me for any questions! Remember, I’m here to make you feel at home. I’m very approachable and eager to make friends with you, so don’t be shy when you see me!