At all Imperial College Halls of residence cleaning services are provided as part of your accommodation services. The frequency of cleaning varies depending on the location of the area.

Common areas are cleaned 7 days a week and kitchens are cleaned 4 days a week. It is still your responsibility to ensure that you make an effort to tidy up after yourself – particularly after cooking and eating. Our kitchens are very social areas where lots of people will meet to eat, chat and work together – please be considerate when using these areas… as a rule leave them as you would wish to find them.

Bedrooms are cleaned every 4 weeks; you will be notified the day before your room is cleaned by our cleaners and they will put a ‘hotel’ style notice on your door. Between scheduled cleans vacuum cleaners can be obtained from the common areas – if you don’t know how to operate these vacuum cleaners just ask someone for help! This is a great opportunity to practice your housekeeping and refine your cleaning skills 🙂

On the day your room is due to be cleaned you can help by ensuring:

– Your floor area is clear so the housekeeping staff can vacuum your floor
– Your hand wash basin is clear of any belongings
– Rubbish is in the bins provided and taken to the recycling bins in the kitchens
– You do not put any food waste down the toilet as this can cause blockages
– Any dirty laundry is placed in the laundry basket provided