Hi everyone, I’m Kimmy, a second-year chemistry student. This is my second year living in Tizard, so I’m quite familiar with all the facilities and activities of this hall. For Tizard, it’s a perfect accommodation for imperial students because it’s close to everywhere, no matter for academic study or daily life. If you have any problems, feel free to message me at any time.

For free time, my main hobby is travelling. Last year, I travelled to Barcelona, Paris, Budapest, Wien, Prague, Rome, Venice and Japan. I had great time and made a lot of new friends from different countries. Also I like walking around London and I found Hyde Park is my favourite. I usually spend a whole sunny day staying with animals in the park and enjoy sunshine during weekends. What’s more, I like swimming. The swimming pool in Ethos is good but quite busy,  so I always go there at 7 a.m. Also I like playing badminton, although I’m not professional.

This year, I’m in a new position as one of your hall senior. If you have any problem related to imperial life, you can contact me for help and I’ll try my best to at least give you some advice. There will be a lot of interesting activities in Tizard every year, so I’m sure you’ll have great time staying here with great flatmates. I’m really excited to be part of your hall senior team and can’t wait to meet you all!