Kitchen Etiquette

Kitchens are very busy areas with the potential to become both untidy and unhygienic if not managed properly. Our dedicated housekeeping team will clean these areas three times per week but it’s up to you to keep on top of your own cleaning!

A few general points:

– Dishes don’t wash themselves or put themselves away, please put your dishes away when you have finished using them…not the next day.
– Rotten food will not walk from the fridge to the bin, simple job for you to manage your food.
– Dirty dishes/cutlery will be placed into the large greys bins in kitchens if left lying around, these will be disposed of weekly and you will lose your personal belongings.
– Sinks aren’t efficient waste disposal systems, scrape plates/pots/pans into the bins before washing.
– Waste food can be collected in the recycling bins and put to good use.
– Please don’t tip oil/fats down the drain…this creates a massive problem for the building and for London.

These are really simple guidelines that allow us to live together happily and harmoniously.