Welcome 2023-24 Freshers!

Welcome to Tizard Hall!

  1. Please find our LinkTree here
  2. Register on eHalls using your IC username/password
  3. Register on Imperial eService using your IC username/password

Please see more information about what we have planned for Freshers’ Fortnight and other key information such as bike storage available, WhatsApp / WeChat and local information on our website or through the LinkTree (link above, QR code below).

Imperial College Health Centre Information

NHS registrations with the Health Centre are now on line via the following link https://www.imperialcollegehealthcentre.co.uk/new-patients/

Please check your Meningitis ACWY / MMR status. If you are unsure if you’ve had the vaccine or if you’ve never had it please register with the Health Centre as soon as possible and book an urgent vaccination appointment.