Hall Rules

The following rules ensure that 126 students can live together in harmony and help create a peaceful environment conducive to you doing well in your studies.

Tizard students are to observe the following RULES:

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 makes it an offence for the production, possession or supply of controlled drugs or illegal substances in ANY College property. Possession of illegal substances will be reported to the police and will lead to expulsion from the Hall and possibly College.

1. Do not tamper with fire fighting equipment (or use fire extinguishers to prop open doors).
2. Do not block corridors or doorways.
3. Do not cover smoke alarms – it’s incredibly dangerous and puts you and those around you at risk.
4. When the fire alarm is activated, you MUST leave the building immediately.
5. If you see smoke or fire, activate the alarms and leave the building. Do not put yourself at risk, do not return until you are told it is safe to do so.
6. The assembly point for Tizard is in the park opposite Eastside.
7. No cooking equipment in bedrooms – including but not limited to kettles, stoves, microwaves, freezers, rice cookers.
8. Deep fat frying is forbidden in all Imperial College Residences.
9. No naked flames anywhere in halls – including birthday candles, scented candles.
10. Smoking is forbidden inside and adjacent to ALL Imperial College Residences– use the designated areas (or give up).
11. The interconnecting doors are only to be used in an emergency – fines will be issued for improper use.

1. Guests are welcome in Tizard but you are responsible for their behaviour – the consequences of any damage or nuisance will be borne by you, including fines and/or community service.
2. Overnight guests are not permitted in twin bedrooms but are permitted in single bedrooms. Permission for guests must be received in advance by emailing the Hall Wardens. Guests of residents in twin bedrooms must leave the bedroom by 11pm.
3. Cohabiting is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action and possible eviction from Halls.
4. Do not lend your swipe card to anyone – if you’re not in hall your guest shouldn’t be either.
5. Any wilful damage to the hall is obviously prohibited. If you accidentally damage the hall or contents please report it to a member of the Wardening team as soon as possible.
6. You may not affix anything to any wall by any means, except on the designated notice boards.
7. Window restrictors are not to be tampered with – a £100 fine plus replacement costs are charged.

1. Private parties are not allowed anywhere in halls (including kitchens)
2. No noise should be audible from outside rooms/kitchens between 11pm and 8am. The Wardening team will enforce this to ensure an environment to support learning and well being maintained.
3. Pets are not allowed in the building. Nor are supermarket trolleys, traffic cones or road signs!
4. Bicycles are not allowed inside the building and must be stored in the bike storage area. Access can be obtained by contacting the Hall Supervisors (Falmouth & Keogh Hall Office 8am-5pm)

Enforcing discipline within Halls is the responsibility of the Warden and Sub-wardens. All residents are governed by the terms of their license to occupy and the Imperial College disciplinary code. Penalties such as fines can be imposed within Hall for breaking any of the above rules and, in more serious cases; a Residences Disciplinary Tribunal can be called. Particularly serious cases can result in the loss of your place in Hall and expulsion from College.