Hayley Uffindell-Esparon

Hello all, I’m Hayley a second year Civil engineer. 

I enjoyed staying in Tizard so much last year I’m back again. Having been a fresher in Tizard, my best advice is that I really recommend joining in as much as you can at the start of term in all the different events that are on. I met my closest friends during the Tizard freshers fortnight events, so they are a really good opportunity to get to know the people who you will be living with for the next year.

In my free time I enjoy baking (count yourself lucky if you’re on my floor!), swimming and walks. Also, I very much so enjoy going out and know lots of good student friendly places to go out to in London, if you are looking for any recommendations 🙂

I love a good chat about pretty much anything so if you do find yourself wanting someone to talk to, I’ll be more than happy to take time off studying to chat. I am more than aware the adjustment to university can come with its challenges, but I’ll be here to help as much as I can. I am looking forward to meeting you all!